Advice to our Brothers the Scholars of Najd

Shaykh Sayyid Yusuf al-Rifa'i
Fra bogens introduktion:
All praise belongs to Allah! Blessings and greetings upon our Master [Muhammad] the Messenger of Allah and upon his Family and most honorable Companions and all those loyal to him.

To proceed: Using as my point of departure the narration of the Prophet (Peace and Blessings be upon him): »Religion is sincere, faithful advice.« We said: »[Faithful] to whom?« He replied: »To Allah; to His Book; and to His Messenger, the leaders of the Muslims, and their multitude,« and after the publication of my book al-Radd al-Muhkam al-Mani‘ and that of other books authored by people of learning, I waited to see if, perhaps, some of your doings and methods would change. However, nothing of the sort took place.
Therefore, since Allah (Most High) says in Surat al-‘Asr: »By the declining day, Lo! man is in a state of loss, Save those who believe and do good works, and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to endurance« (103:1-3), I decided, after the Prayer of Counsel (al-istikhara), to address you with this sincere faithful advice which, I hope, will be accepted. I ask our Lord Most High to show us and you the truth for what it is and grant us to follow it, and show us falsehood for what it is and grant us to avoid it. May He not make this matter confused for us lest we follow our lusts. It is Allah alone Who guides to what is right.

Bemærk: Denne tekst er muligvis ophavsretsbeskyttet og må i så fald ikke gengives uden tilladelse fra ophavsrets-indehaveren. er ikke nødvendigvis enig med alle de i teksten udtrykte synspunkter og vi påtager os intet ansvar for dens indhold.